Real Estate Market

Real Estate Sales Act

1.Legislation on Real Estate Transactions Licensed Real Estate Agents Act Selection of Practicing Licensed Real Estate Agents      Concept of Practicing Licensed Real Estate Agents   “Practicing licensed real estate agent” refers to a person who has registered for the opening a brokerage office that mediates acts at the request of others in relation to trading, exchanging, or leasing of a brokerage object or changes in the gains or losses

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Real Estate Transaction Regulation

1.Regulation on Land Transactions and Use Land Transaction Permit System   Designation of Areas Permitted for a Contract for Land Transactions      The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, or special metropolitan city mayor, metropolitan city mayor, special self-governing city mayor, governor, or special self-governing province governor may designate the following areas where speculative land transactions are prevalent or land prices rise rapidly or where there is a such concern, as areas

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Overview of real estate sales

1.Concept and Types of Real Estate Concept of Real Estate  “Real estate” refers to land and its fixtures (Article 99 (1) of the Civil Act). “Fixture” refers to an object that is affixed to the land and is used continuously as it is attached to the property, according to the common sense of society <Source: Legal Glossary of the Ministry of Government Legislation>.   Types of Real Estate  Real estate is

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