HR Challenges Arising Out of COVID-19 in Korea

< Graphic Image of Coronavirus / U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention > 1. Should “business owners who temporarily closed business” due to the COVID 19 crisis pay wages to their employees? “Employers must pay 70% of wage to the employees even if they do not come to work. However, if it is due to unavoidable reasons such as quarantines, payment may not be made.” < Notice on Closure

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이사 책임 대한항공

Directors’ Liabilities in Korea

1. Directors’ Liability for Damages to the Company (Art. 399 of the Korean Commercial Act) “If a director who has ‘intentionally or negligently’ inflicts damage to the company, compensation must be made. However, if all shareholders agree, the liability is exempted. The articles of incorporation may limit liability to a maximum of six times the amount of remuneration for the last one year.” < Employees of Korean Air and People’s

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