Our Business Areas

Contract Solutions

We create contract management software solutions using deep learning and AI technologies.

Legal Database

We create, collect and process legal data about contracts, precedents, laws, and Q&A to build a quality legal database.

Current Legal Issues

Our experts analyze the latest legal issues related to investment in Korea and provide accurate legal information in each field.

Legal Consulting

Our experienced experts provide quality legal analysis of legislation, policy and industry of Korea.


Our experienced expert translators provide quality legal translation services with affordable prices.

Reg Tech

We provide regulation, due diligence, compliance, forensic and data analysis services using AI technologies.

Legal RPA

We use IT technologies to create legal solutions that enable us to avoid unnecessary tasks, reduce time and prevent human errors.

Entering the Korean Market

We assist in solving problems that you may encounter when doing business in Korea in relation to business operations, contracts, regulations, privacy, copyright and disputes.

The Market-Leading Online Legal Solutions by AI Technology


Seasoned Professionals

BHSN is composed of top-notch Korean lawyers who have been advising global IT companies in their respective fields for over 15 years at large law firms.

Legal Data

Legal data generated by lawyers in each field of expertise is classified and labeled by legal professionals to establish a high-quality data set for solution construction.

AI Technology

We use AI technologies to make complex and difficult legal services accessible to more people. We create practical legal solutions in collaboration with 42maru and SurroMind, companies with the best technologies in Korea for NLP, deep learning, AutoML, and XAI.


Legal Professionals

700,000 +

Legal Data

14,000,000 +

Legal Corpus

92.00% / 89.2%

Intent Classification / EM

Online Consult

The best Korean lawyers in each field of expertise provide answers to your questions in English.

Translation Service

Our legal translation specialists with translation experience at large law firms provide quality legal translation services.